How can I test the card sign-up flow?

Angie Smith
Angie Smith
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The quickest way to create a test user is to download our Demo app for Android and iOS. 

  1. Go to and then click the Get link button. Enter your mobile number into the pop-up then install the demo app using the URL you receive via text message.
  2. Open the app and follow the user sign-up flow.
We will not send an SMS verification code while you're in sandbox. Enter 000000 into the verification screen.

Screenshot_20210402-073935_Apto_SDK_Example_App.jpg   Screenshot_20210402-073945_Apto_SDK_Example_App.jpg  Screenshot_20210402-075715_Apto_SDK_Example_App.jpg   Screenshot_20210402-080306_Apto_SDK_Example_App.jpg  Screenshot_20210402-080405_Apto_SDK_Example_App.jpg   Screenshot_20210402-080433_Apto_SDK_Example_App.jpg 


Screenshot_20210402-080457_Apto_SDK_Example_App.jpg  Screenshot_20210402-080508_Apto_SDK_Example_App.jpg  Screenshot_20210402-080525_Apto_SDK_Example_App.jpg

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